I scroll down to her name and press the send key

Dialing… the phone responds

What should I say? What shouldn’t I say?

I want to ask her all these questions

Lingering in the corners of my mind

Questions like … how are you?

How did you sleep last night?

I want to tell her how much she runs in my mind

How much I miss her

How much I want to know her better

And that I want to be a part of her Life.

Will I make sense or will I make a fool of myself?

I don’t know…

But all I have is 3 minutes and 58 seconds

Krrrrrrng! Krrrrng!

The phone begins to ring

My heart is racing, hoping she doesn’t pick up

Yet I anticipate hearing her sweet lovely & silky voice

Hello – She picks up

Ohhh my God I can’t believe my ears

Hello – I respond

How are you? I ask

How have you been?

Okay… she says

I have been up and about trying to sort out a few things

What things? I ask

We can’t talk long right now

I am on the street and I will be traveling tomorrow

I am trying to get ready for the trip she said

I understand – I said softly in a deep mellow voice

So what are you up to right now? I ask

Many things… she said

She went on and on and on

As I listened blissfully

… 55, 56, 57

Teep teep teeep

Call time – 03:58

That was all I had

And the phone was off

And she still had no Idea how much I miss her