It’s a chapter of my life I have never read
The dark side of me
Am afraid to light
It’s a place I’ve never been

It’s a fear of my life I’ve never known
It’s a fear of uncertainty
It’s a fear of being everything or nothing
It’s a journey that am so scared to make
But am getting out of my comfort zone

I cannot play with the fire
And not get burned
I cannot step in the rain
And not get wet
I am gonna let go of all my fears
And step in the zone afraid
I’ll let those drops of healing rain
Wash over my soul
Then I’ll let go of the pain
With all my mind
Start the journey to that place
I call beautiful

I am gonna start my journey to beautiful
Catch me if you can
But you can’t stop me now; because I’ll
Calm all my fears, quiet all my doubts
I’m out of here
I’m going to beautiful
And I hope that you come with me