I cower in the corner of my bed

Holding on tight like a child to the mother

As loneliness engulfs my besieged soul

Fond memories of you cast me in shadows unending

Lost in unrelenting thought, trapped in my own mind

I begin to recount the moments we had

Replaying minute by minute again and again


I turn, I twist, I curl but without you, this bed is way too big and tonight is way too cold

I miss you, I long for you like water in the midday heat

Everything seems to remind me of you

I look at the clock hoping it will run faster so you can come back home

Come back home to me

But time seems to have its own mind tonight


I miss your touch and that embrace; as you hold me like no other

I miss that look in your eyes, that look that makes me shy

I miss the talk, the laughter, the silence and, the awkward moments too

And oh! Your cooking Hmmm! I miss that too (How could I forget)

Oh Yeah! even the arguments; I miss them too especially when I am right

And even though you are not coming home again,

In my heart you will always have a home

But that makes me lonely tonight