I had a dream last night

In the dream, I was dead. I was shot dead

We were in the battle field and

I was fighting a famous war lord…

But only that she was a lady like ahhhmmm …

A war lady – yes a WAR LADY


We had fought long and hard and we were both weak and injured

So she asked me what the secret to my power was

And that If I told her, the war would stop.

The Idea of the war ending was a good one

So that peace can reign once more in Loveland

So I decided to tell her.

Not the secret to my power but the one thing that would end me


“My secret, war lady, is that I can only die if I am shot with a silver bullet…”

So I took out the silver bullet put it my gun and gave it to her.

She shot at me! Right in the forehead

I fell to the ground and at that moment

Death ceased to be a purely intellectual concept but a reality

I felt the rush of blood; I was on my way to eternity


But before I got there, I felt my heart pumping faintly

Slowly pumping life giving blood through my veins

The healing properties of “the blood” steadily healed my bullet wound

And when I woke up from the dream,

My memory was hazy but one thing that was clear was that I am in love

In Love with the “War Lady” in my dream.


Now I consciously and deliberately choose to fight this war

Well knowing that I may come out Alive or Dead.

But I am not giving up because the battle for Loveland;

Is worth dying for; worth every drop of my blood