Often than not
Life leaves us in places we would rather not have been in
And most times we didn’t have a choice
So everyone has a story to tell
And I have a story too
People do things that cause others a lot of pain and anguish
They scar others
Leaving them hopeless and downcast
With hopes and dreams crushed
I tell you… I have moved around the world
And I have found nothing worse than a broken spirit and a hopeless soul
This story seems not to have a good ending
The African fairytale doesn’t seem to have a “Happily ever after”
May be that page was torn out by the time I read the story
I don’t know.
And yes I do not have the answers to all questions …
Or the missing piece of the puzzle
But tell you what?
You aren’t dead yet, and scars do heal right?
And even though they are harsh reminders of our past,
They can also be a beautiful story of our tomorrow
So what’s your story?
I proudly tell my story
That once upon a time, there was an ugly scar
That now is a beautiful and inspiring story
The Beautiful Scar