Colored Zebra

My lady, I will tell you; I will tell you why, oh sure I will.

It’s not just that wide smile that melts the hearts of men

With well chiseled white teeth hidden behind the lips of an angel

It’s not just those big bright eyes that see beyond the masks of men

Neither is it those locks that hang firmly on that head

It’s not just your chocolate complexion or smooth spotless and flawless skin

Neither is it your breasts that stand firm and tender

It’s not the waist that rivals that of the wasp

Or the hips that sway gently from side to side

Neither is it the legs that look like they were curved from Greece

Yeah! Fair one – yeah

It has never been that shapely body

That makes all cloths on you

Look like they were handmade by Louis Vuitton

But it’s the beauty of…

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