Richy the 18 year old Ugandan Artist is to say the least, a vocal Power House Comparable to Carl Thomas or John Legend. The two (Richy and Carl Thomas) have a striking vocal similarity that you would easily mistake one for the other if you didn’t Know Carl Thomas. (Carl Thomas is Successful American Singer and Grammy Award Nominee)

Richy’s strength is in  his ability to effortlessly sing and hit the Notes too  creating smooth and soothing melodies. It seems to be a skill only he possesses. Signed to Talent Africa a Ugandan Booking Agency owned by Aly Alibhai, it’s unfortunate that we hardly hear of what the Lad is up to considering the enormous talent he has. If Colored Zebra was a Record Label, we would definitely consider signing him but we are yet to get there. For now, we rate him Uganda’s best kept Vocal secret.

Carl Thomas’s Make it Alright

Richy’s Will you Dance

Listening to the both of them,  clearly shows the similarity. It even gets worse as you listen to more of their songs. We sure hope that Richy can get to use this amazing Voice to bring something fresh to the Ugandan Music Industry

Listen to Richy’s Music HERE