If you havent heard about Ruyonga, you need to look closely. Formerly Known as Krukid, Ruyonga is an agile rapper who has chosen to return home after over 10 years in the United States. At a time when rap has really gained ground, Ruyonga was a breath of fresh air in the Ugandan Rap scene.

The Ugandan born US based hiphop artist has been in the industry for a while  dating as far back as 2000 as one of the pioneering hip hop acts in Uganda. With 3 albums to his name, he  has shared the stage with Lupe Fiasco, K’naan, Roots among other world renown rappers. What grounds Ruyonga’s flow is the Poetic back ground enabling him to script gripping content and packaging it in a way that anyone can relate to

He’s the Kind of rapper you would listen to with your Mother and Grandfather and you wouldn’t need to worry about cussing or dirty language. On the contrary, they just might start nodding their heads or tapping their feet.

At Colored Zebra, we are so eager for what Ruyonga has got to offer to the UG HipHop scene
Ratings *** Most fresh flow in UG

Some of Ruyonga’s Works

Latest single “Pesa” Click HERE to Listen

A remix of Maurice Kirya‘s Hit Song “Don’t Wanna Fight”  check it out

This City  Video

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