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Why would you want to do this? Because in some work places, Facebook is generally blocked and you may not want to go through the goofy work-arounds to update your status or post a photo to your news feed. But who blocks email? None, right. So here’s an easy way to update your FB status  from your email account.

How to: 

Step One: Get your Secrete email address

  • Go to Facebook Mobile Upload. page
  • If you are not logged in already, log in using your email address or phone number (the usual way)
  • Find your Facebook upload email address under Upload via Email.
  • Your secrete email address should be something like

Facebook upload page

Note: This is a secret email address. DO NOT share this address with anyone since they will spam you.

Step Two: Send an email to that email address

  • Log in to your email account like Gmail
  • Go to compose and send and email to your facebook secrete address.
  • Put the status update message in the Subject field and leave the message body empty. If you are uploading an image, then whatever you put in the subject field will be the image caption.

Send an email to your Facebook secrete email. Leave body empty

Step Three: Check your Facebook news feed later. It should be there.

And there it it. Facebook status update from my email account!


Level: Basic


Youtube has grown to be the number one destination for finding videos. Whether it’s a music video, a tutorial on something, news or just cute skate-boarding cats, you’ll find it all on YouTube  Personally I like to download some un-official music videos of some of my favorite artists on YouTube  Of course you can stream it, but i choose to download because; first I always have a slow internet connection and buffering won’t help either, then secondly I want to keep a copy of the video on my computer.

How To:

Step 1:

Kiprotich wins gold

Go to and search whatever you like. Once the video starts playing, copy the video URL which looks something like .

Step 2:

Go to . Enter the video URL into the download text field and click download. Wait as keepvid formats the video into different formats(.flv, .mp4, .mp3) so you can download. After 30 seconds, you will see download links with the different formats. Choose your preferred  format. e.g.  If you want only audio, then choose mp3, if you want to play the video on an ipod, then mp4 will do for yiu. I usually like mp4 format.

Step 3:

Once you click on a download link, your browser will prompt you for the download manager you want to use to download this video. You can use the inbuilt one or choose another one. Depending on the quality and the file size, your download will start right away and you should be having your video on your computer.

Download the video




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