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You have heard the joke about not leaving female friends carrying huge bags in your house unsupervised right? Or that those humongous bags ladies carry are called “What If” bags? Well; now here, we make it easier for you to understand that 1. You should never underestimate the carriage capacity of a woman’s bag because you might fit in there yourself and 2. There’s a good lesson to learn from women’s bags regarding preparedness or may be disaster preparedness. Whereas men hardly carry bags and if they do, it probably contains mainly gadgets or books in the worst case scenario, Women’s bags carry everything and by everything we mean EVERYTHING. Some of you have little faith and you only believe when you see so one of our dear friends we spontaneously met gave us a demo on the capacity of a woman’s bag


This bag, small as it looks, contained a laptop, adapter, mouse, notebook, 2 phones, a modem , earphones, business card Holder,  umbrella, lint remover, scarf, comb, perfume, sunglasses, handkerchief, tissue, wipes, lotion, toilet bag/make up kit,  chocolate, an apple, a wallet among others. So literally speaking, in one bag, there was a work station/business, a saloon and lunch topped up with an ever ready kit for whatever situation or opportunity presents its self.


It’s also good to note that the contents of each bag vary depending on a couple of things like Location, Class, Profession, and Trade. For example some of them even have an extra piece of everything like an extra pair of sandals, high heels, extra cloths, under wear, jewelry, toothbrush, toothpaste, novels and Lately Pepper spray. Do I need to elaborate which class, profession or trade that is? you are smart you got it


Depending on the class, you will find either one of these items. For Snacks, its Chocolate and apples, or ground nuts, corn (Emberenge) and  sim sim balls.  For drinks you will find Water, Soda, Juice or “Bushera” (A local millet drink that sometimes has a little alcoholic content)  For Phones, Its either iPhone, BlackBerry or a Samsung phone. Now just because its Samsung doesn’t mean it’s a Galaxy S III it might as well be Samsung “Kabiriti” but once again it’s all in a Woman’s Bag. What are your experiences with the contents of women’s bags? Share below.




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